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My Story

My name is Lesley Taylor.  I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved here to Texas in 2004 with my daughter.  I have been in the holistic business one way or another since I was a child when I picked up my first piece of Rock Crystal and knew I felt something extraordinary.   In my teenage years I was moving energy though people while holding a crystal and believing that The Christ light was moving through me in order to help heal people.  I can’t explain how I did it back then but people would come and ask me to work on them and it worked.  I truly believe that the energy that heals does not come from me, but a power much higher than I could ever be.  

The last few years were very difficult for me and my family as my brother fought with Lung Cancer and My sister was diagnosed very suddenly with Brain and Lung Cancer.  Both passed away last year and because of this I decided to again start work in the healing industry, utilizing what I had which was an extensive background in clearing and activating chakra's.  I then took courses in other modalities, including., Reiki I studied with four different masters and now have completed my Reiki I, II, III and Masters.  I also worked with a shaman to learn shamanic healing, then decided to Learn about sound and frequency healing so I am now certified in all of these modalities and become a member of the SALT THERAPY ASSOCIATION bringing dry salt therapy to my center in hopes of healing many situations especially those of the lung and respiratory system.  I continue to learn with herbs, essential oils and meditation, so that I might continue to offer healing and alternative modes of healing as long as I can to our community.  

Lesley Taylor

Founder 2022


My Approach to Healing

My belief is that almost all illness can be cured through the chakra's. The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” “circle,” or “cycle.” Each one of us have 7 chakras, which are spinning energy centers that start at the base of the spine and move all the way to the crown of your head.

When each one of your chakras is open and spinning properly, Prana (or qi) — vital life force energy — flows freely and keeps you vibrant, healthy, and alive. However, should your chakras become blocked or unbalanced, energy will be unable to flow freely and openly and you may experience physical problems.

I have done extensive research on the chakra system so when opening my center I wanted only the best, trusted and highly researched items to be available, that's why I bought one of the very few available in the USA Chakra Vogel Beds.  This bed has a Vogel crystal cut in sacred geometry that pulses vibrational energy into each of your chakra's through the flower of life.  The results have been amazing

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