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Distance Reiki Healing

Receive Healing from our Reiki Master no matter where you are in the World

  • 1 h
  • Highway 105 West|Highway 105 West, Suite 109, COnroe TX 77304|Mystical Charms

Service Description

Our Distance Healing has been proven to be very successful. Our Reiki Master Lesley has had much experience in conducting this service and loves to provide the healing benefit to all. Distance Reiki Healing is the ability to transfer the universal life force energy through time and space, this can be done in several ways. The practitioner can use a proxy, I like to use a doll or a teddy bear, use visualization, or use a projection of Reiki to send Reiki energy to someone else. The Practitioner uses the Reiki distance symbol that connects the Reiki practitioner and the client together in a sacred healing space. Distance Reiki works just like in-person Reiki, even without hands-on contact. This type of healing is often the preferred method of healing for those who are unable to leave their homes, care facilities, or who prefer to start or end their days, in the comfort of their own home, with Reiki Using the Reiki distance symbol your Reiki Practitioner sends healing Reiki energy across space and time. Your Practitioner can connect to their client’s energy and work from anywhere, anytime. This is done with the client’s permission. If we have never met in person or via an online video chat platform before, then I will normally ask for a photo, I prefer to set up an agreed upon, mutual time for the Reiki session. It is best (and suggested) that you are in a quiet place, where you will not be interrupted, in a comfortable position. You may choose to play soft music, light a candle or incense, this is completely up to you.

Contact Details

  • Highway 105 West

    TWISTED ANGELS ART STUDIO, LLC, Highway 105 West, Conroe, TX, USA

    (936) 224-7547

  • Highway 105 West, Suite 109, COnroe TX 77304

    Mystical Charms Wellness Center, Highway 105 West, Conroe, TX, USA

    (936) 224-7547

  • Mystical Charms

    Mystical Charms Wellness Center, Highway 105 West, Conroe, TX, USA

    (936) 224-7547

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