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Lesley taylor

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Meet Our Founder + Master Healer

My name is Lesley Taylor. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved here to Texas in 2004 with my daughter. I have been in the holistic business in one way or another since I was a child when I picked up my first piece of Rock Crystal and knew I felt something extraordinary. In my teenage years, I was moving energy through people while holding a crystal and believing that Christ's light was moving through me in order to help heal people.


Sound Healing Night


Submerge yourself in healing frequencies and join us Tuesday nights for a sound bath played by our certified sound healers.
Sound Healing Nights are our way of showing our community some love & healing. We always held these sessions free in the past, but due to the fact we are utilizing a larger space and more time we felt $10.00 would be fair so from the 21st of December 2023 onwards the cost will be $10.00.  Please continue to show up for the relaxation and healing you have enjoyed up to now.
We can hardly wait to see you here!

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Hands down my favorite place and go to since moving to TX, not only for the metaphysical store but the healing center as well. I’ve had a few sessions at the healing center which made a tremendous impact on my own spiritual journey. The metaphysical store is setup so beautiful with a variety of things to choose from. The staff has always been so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I don’t post many reviews but this place has my heart.

- Megan Johnson -

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Charmed Chronicles 

Catch the latest updates and learn about healing modalities and wellness remedies on our blog.

Heal Your Body

At Mystical Charms Wellness Center, there's a healing service for each part of your body, mind, or soul.
Select a chakra symbol below to learn more about the correlating treatment. 

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